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A new concept in children’s music launched this week as Juice Box Heroes released their debut album, No Sugar Added. Heralded as “song favorites for parents, fun new lyrics for kids,” No Sugar Added is a compilation of 12 song parodies where parents (and grandparents!) can relish in songs from their past and kids can have fun with songs that are new to them. The CD includes remakes of songs like “Jessie’s Girl”, “Centerfold”, and “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Brothers Craig and Scott Coane had to face a new reality in their mid-30s that it wasn’t possible to be rock n roll stars by night and husbands and fathers by day. So they began changing lyrics to their favorite songs in order to entertain their kids and keep the music spirit alive. Not only did their children enjoy the music, but their wives loved hearing remakes of songs they grew up with. Alas, songs that would be entertaining for both kids AND parents. The result is No Sugar Added, now available for sale exclusively at juiceboxheroes.com.

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